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Grammar Revision Pre-Intermediate Workbook + CD audio

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Grammar Revision - Pre-intermediate + 2CDs is designed for young pupils who require extra exercises to consolidate the English.


Each unit contains a very brief summary of the language point and abundant exercises ranging from very simple to the slightly more difficult. Activities include question-answer exercises, gap-filling, multiple choice as well as word games, puzzles and crosswords. After every four or five units there are consolidation units goes over all the points dealt with in the book. The numerous illustrations used in many listening comprehension and written exercises give a modern and bright dimension to the books and render the exercises more accessible and stimulating. The audio CD contains both answers to some exercises and material for wide selection of easy comprehension exercises wich could be an indispensable aid in improving the student's pronounciation and intonation skills.

Table of contents

1. To be - short answers, question words + to be, there is / are, to be + adjectives
2. A / an, plurals, this / these, that / those
3. Object pronouns, possesive adjectives, possesive pronouns
4. present simple of to have (got) indicating possesion, short answers, common expressions with 'to have'
5. Present simple, adverbs of frequency, questions - short answers
6. The
7. Countable and uncountable nouns, compound nouns
8. Like, love, hate, don't mind + -ing, prepositions + -ing, adjectives (-ed, -ing), too, either
9. Present continuous, short answers
10. Prepositions of place
11. Prepositions of time, time and dates
12. Prepositions of movement
13. Consolidation (1-12)
14. Modla verbs: can / can't, may / may not, must / musn't, shall
15. The imperative, inviting / suggesting
16. Some / any, (a) little / (a) few, no / none
17. Many, much, a lot of, too, enough, so, such, how questions
18. The genitive form with -'s, the double genitive, whose
19. Past simple of 'to be'
20. Past simple
21. Future
22. Consolidation (14-21)

by Gabrielle Hodson-Hirst
96 pages
EAN 9788846813756

  • ISBN:9788846813756
  • Manufactured by: La Spiga Modern Languages

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